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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Living Like an Afrikan In America

After listening to all this talk about the failing economy I am convinced that none of the people talking know what they're talking about. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that its not failing...No that's not what I'm saying! What I'm saying is that they don't understand why the economy of the United States and others with like systems are in the shape that they are in today. To be frank, when the founders of the system signed on the dotted line to establish the capitalist system, they signed their countries death certificate! (Yes I Said It!) Why? Because anytime you go in the opposite direction of the flow of Nature and the Universe, YOU cut yourself off from the Main sustenance of life! Ask the ancient Chinese sages what happens when you go against the flow of the Tao. Ask the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Priest what happens when you live other than Maat! Lets look at it!

The universe moves toward unity. You say "how do you know"? Peep this. The world is made up of a multitude of entities that are all interdependent on one another. The world is maintained through systems and cycles that show the underlying connection and interdependence between all things. Look at the relationship of Us and trees, trees and water, water and us! This is the nature of All life all the way from the lowest life form to Man. Unity is the flow of the cosmos.

Well you're probably wondering what's the problem with your economic system besides the fact it does not work...(I had to I'm sorry :~)) Well allow me to give you a scenario. Imagine one person having grapes, another oranges, and another almonds. The almond man goes to the grapes lady and asks her for some grapes. Her response is "whats in it for me?" Almond boy replies "I have some almonds". Grapes woman is like I don't want any almonds I want some oranges. So almond boy decides to go to the Orange lady. "How are you doing Orange lady, I need some oranges." Her response is "Whats in it for me?" Almond boy offers her some almonds but she says "I don't want any almonds I want grapes!" Damn! What do you do (I know some of y'all are like But not so fast.) This is an example of Capitalism and the materialistic mindset. Its all about "Whats in it for me!" This is division not Unity! Not only is this not the Afrikan way, this is not THE WAY.

I recently had a revelation in which I came to the realization that its getting close to crunch time (2012 post coming soon!). I decided that I wasn't going to live the way society dictated for me to live. I decided that just because I live in this society, that does not mean that I have to subscribe to it segregative mindset and ideology. I'm an Original Man! (What we know as Afrikan!) We are a community oriented people. But when we live other than ourselves and go against the natural order of things we fall hard. We are moving into a time where Individualism will be the death of us. You know how we can be! We can have five people in a house and everybody has a job but the money is not concentrated and as a result the whole suffers and struggles. So how do we escape this apparent disaster? Take your cue from nature.

Recently myself and a few friends decided its time to live like the Original. Afrikan, Spiritual people that we are. We decided its time to get back to community. We realized that if we are truly united then nothing can stop us. So we are going to live together, work together, eat together, save together, invest together, and build the early foundations for a community, society, nation, and world that is in harmony with flow of the universe.

So here's a blueprint for you.

1) Find some family and friends that you can come together with and share with!

2) Pool your resources (bills, food, money, investments, business ..etc)

3) Stop thinking me so much (you are not alone in the

4) Cut back on some of your unneeded habits (I don't smoke but you won't believe how many times someone has come up to me within the past 2 days asking me for a cigarette because they can't afford the addiction! One guy even admitted it!)

5) Relationships will be our salvation in the next few years so salvage the ones you have and start some new ones

6) Expand your knowledge

7) Love Unconditionally

By coming together you won't have to work so hard to sustain yourself as you would if your alone. Also basic survival is taken care of so now you can get into the cultivation and discovery of your gifts and talents. And wait to you see the boost in your creativity! You might even quit that hard, boring job you hate so much! :~)
When you're focused on survival, you're operating from your reptilian brain, which places you in fight or flight mode (and you thought they were just getting on your, and shuts down/locks you out of your higher creative faculties and reasoning abilities (You're what we call trapped.).

Take this time to start over! We have to do it! What you waiting on? There is no Mystery! The only mystery is you no knowing who you are! Peace

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Liberator Within

I dedicate this to the 5%, Ausar Auset Society, and All the great Teachers of spirituality and Metaphysics. But most of all YOU! :~)

Why Liberation?

Ok! Why The Liberator Within? What do I mean by that? Lets I'm a student of the wisdom of the Ancients; Especially the metaphysics and spiritual teachings. These ancient geniuses used to teach us about ourselves, the cosmos, and how we relate to All. However, they would do so in the form of myths, metaphors, and legends. Many of the stories were at least three levels deep; meaning there was a surface interpretation and other esoteric(hidden) understandings to the stories. Many were based on Astrological/astronomical truths, and also the spiritual anatomy of wo/man. Now there are many such stories around, and many different interpretations to these stories; but I have chosen the concept of the dying and resurrecting saviour as my source of inspiration.

Many of these stories are centered around the activities of the sun...i.e winter solstice, spring equinox etc.

I want to look at the esoteric significance a little deeper. The sun represents consciousness, the will of man. It represents that which is aware, initiates, governs, and chooses in man (a capacity/faculty that is man in deed). Lets look at these stories from the perspective of the battle of the will of man (a.k.a. the war within Self).

Stories of the Self

Many of these stories are psychological phenomenon depicted in anthropomorphic (human) form to help people better grasp the concepts. This is the way the Ancient Sages did it! They told stories to help us understand. Why? Because understanding is a function/effect of the right hemisphere of the brain, which learns through visual/abstract means. It is the aspect of the brain that allows us to relate things to get the holistic meaning (big picture)....but back to these stories. Many of them (Jesus, Heru, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl...stay tuned for my 2012 post :~) )Deal with the Death and resurrection of the Consciousness/Will of man. Yes these stories...many of which are identical aside from the language, are spiritual stories that tell of the adventure of the Consciousness and spirit of man as he sojourns into the physical realm. This Self imposed adventure (initiation into the Knowledge of Self), begins at physical birth where consciousness is seeded/rooted into flesh.

Ok "what the hell are you talking about?" lol I hear ya, "and
"what does this have to do with the liberator within?" Lets find out!

The Journey Begins (Am I a Slave?)

Now Consciousness has began its adventure into the physical world. Now it gets amnesia! It forgets that its consciousness and begins to Identify with the physical world. Next thing you know its on Somatic (physical/body) lockdown! Thats right 23hr lock down (you know people don't sleep! The body begins to dictate our agenda. It tells us when to eat, when to sleep, when to have sex, when to get angry, when to get sad! It goes on further to tell you what you like, what you don't like, who you like, who you don't like. All of a sudden you've become a slave! A slave to your body! What happened to your Will? What happened to your freedom? Its not your fault! Also, its not a bad thing. In fact, its the reason why you're here. The next thing that you become a slave to is mind. "What?" Yes mind! We become a slave to mind. What is mind?

As soon as we stepped foot out the womb our conditioning began. Our identity was dictated to us. Our ideologies were given to us. Everything that we Identify with was either imposed, implanted, or adopted, some good, some bad. These things begin to make up the construct we call mind. Thats right! Mind is made up of experiences, that creates conditionings, that creates addictions, which leads to more experiences which repeats the same conditioning, which reinforces the same addictions, that strengthens our Somatic and Mental Slavery. Yes I know you thought that was you. I know you thought that you liked that, that you believed that, that you loved her. So did I! Now its time to get free! Its liberation time! Here's how!

Pert Em Heru! (Coming forth by Day..aka Wake Up!
Now we've had our ah ha moment! Look at our lives. Why do we do what we do? When did it start? Can you identify the first time you felt that way? This is the first step in our path to freedom. Can you re-member? In Kemet (Ancient Egypt) this is symbolized by Auset(Isis) searching to put together (re-member) the pieces of Ausar. It starts with some deep introspection into ourselves. Identify those negative conditonings that have you unhealthy, unhappy, prejudice, selfish, poor, etc. Point them out! All of them! In fact, point out every conditoning you have...even those we don't consider negative (remember our mind is a construct of these things). It will take a while...but it will all be worth it in the end.

Giving Birth To The Saviour

Now we have these conditionings identified as such conditionings! Things that we inherited or picked up, but things that we are not. Now the next thing we're gonna do is ignore them! This is IMPORTANT! You are consciousness (awareness, perception..not what is perceived). What you perceive or pay attention, you give/direct energy to. What you direct energy to you will see manifest/materialize (this is the SECRET) for as science has taught us, energy and matter are two poles of the same unit. Remember that chain of command! So we will ignore these negative conditionings! Get emotional about ignoring them! See yourself acting out the positive. See yourself joyful at acting out the positive. See yourself at peace in the situations in which these conditionings would cause you to normally act. Be devoted to this! And before you know it, you will have given birth to your liberator (Will).

Now we have given birth to our Liberator (will). What does this mean? This means that we are free to choose. Free to choose which behaviors to accept or ignore. We no longer act off of impulse. We are properly Seated where we belong...above (Heaven is our home!). Above our thoughts; Above our emotions; Above our actions! We become master and controller over all of these. Now we're ready to battle the lower part of Self! We're ready to battle and defeat any and every thought that is adverse to our freedom before it even becomes an action. Feels good doesn't it? be free? to be liberated? Watch you accomplish things you never thought you could! Yes you are the Saviour! You are the Liberator! You are your own "Miracle" Worker!

I hope this blog finds you all in Peace! I love...!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

I've been having a couple of conversations as of late about this thing we call love. Now before we can even have a serious discussion about the term "love", we must first have a working understanding about what it is exactly. Many arguments and disagreements begin over different understandings and interpretations of this word. For example, a man can say to a woman, "I love you woman", but in his mind the meaning of love is "damn woman you so fine, you can cook, the sex is great, damnit I love you!" and a woman could say "I love you man" and mean "you're faithful, you keep me safe and secure, and you're a good listener, plus you're good in bed". Although they are both using the same word, there are some differences in what is meant by the word. As of late I've been asked by some sisters "Do you love me?" "Do I make you happy?" and my answer is sweetly and seriously "no" "No I love..." "No I'm happy...". Now some may say "damn that's cold" or "damn what a jerk" but give me a second to clarify what I mean by Love. I don't mean love the way the dictionary means I don't mean love as a deep feeling of affection or sexual desire or attraction or attachment... not that these thing s are bad but its just not what I mean :~). By love I mean I understand and by understand I mean I recognize the underlying connection/relationship between all things and think, live, and act accordingly. In other words, I recognize the interconnectedness (inter/inner) of all life and understand we all need others to exist in this Uni(one)verse. So lets get to the heart of the matter.

No, I Love...

If love is understanding, and understanding is recognition of an inherent interconnection and oneness I know you're thinking why do I say no when asked if I love this or that person. The reason is because Love is an aspect of Being. It is my inner connection to ALL. And in my recognition of this connection I know its not to love this or love that particular thing or person but just to Be my Self! To Love! To be a loving Person. This is why I say Love is not attachment. It is obvious that our persons are not connected. We are surely separate in form....but ONE in essence. So to say that I love a particular person or a particular thing is to say that I love the Form which is nothing more than attachment to the form which will always constantly change. You see this is a problem with our usage of the word. We use it in reference to our attachment to the forms that are in our lives. So one may say "I love a certain person" but as soon as the Form changes i.e. the person is no longer a certain way that you've attached your mind and attention to, our "love" changes and leaves with the form...."I used to love but then!!!" lol.

To Show Love You Gotta Know Love

How can one show something, or give something they've never known? Most people live viewing others as a means to an end. They only do things for people based on what they can get out of people in return. Or they give out of some tainted sense of self righteousness....i.e. its mandated in their religion as a ticket to heaven. But I look at it like this...Love is selflessness. If I am (my essence not my form) one with all, then what I give, or do for others I ultimately do for SELF. But only through Knowledge of Self can one truly know/show love. Otherwise we go on in life "loving" based on getting for our form in which we think we are. Love for SELF is selflessness....Love for Forms is Selfishness! (Y'all think over


Remember when we used to play? Yea Play! We would go outside and play with those around us. Have you ever noticed how children will always play together! Even if they don't know each other they will play together. Even if they fight one another...they will go back to playing together. There is no sense of what I can get from so and so down the line or any hidden agenda or manipulative motives behind their playing. They are not thinking about how the next child will add to their form. All that exist for children is enjoyment of playing in the now. This is innocence. This should not be lost because we become adults. We should not begin to see people as means to an end. Sure we should enjoy our experiences and time with one another but this joy should not change just because The form changes, or the person can no longer fulfill the false purpose we've imposed on them. Another problem is we're always calculating and scheming and expecting! That's the big one...expecting. We all say we love this or that form...we grow attached to it based on the service it provides...and then we attach our expectations to it. We define it. We plan on it. And as soon as our expectations are not met...."Peace!" "I 'm out" Holla! Is this love? Love is Giving Seeking No-thing in return!(yes emotion is a thing as well).

No, I'm Happy...

When we know our Self and apply what we know that is wisdom. The fruits that we produce for our application of this knowledge is Love. When I know my Self and Love my Self I am Secure within my Self. Neither my love, Happiness, or any other emotion is attached to externals....I AM Centered. Now I can really Love....this is everlasting love. This is everlasting happiness. It all stems from within...not without. Have you ever seen someone who didn't love themselves? Someone who wasn't sure of themselves? Someone Insecure? That's a tough situation isn't it? Its difficult for that person to give those things right? to show love? When we look for love, joy, and peace outside of our Self, we are looking for love in all the wrong places. Also since we look for these in the transitory, the finite forms, what we find will never last. Then we end up like Vivian Green on and Emotional Roller coaster !... (lol Peace Queen Green!)


When we get back to Self Centeredness we get back to oneness and when we get to Oneness we get back to selflessness and when we get here we know love because we know Self ! let It marinate! Peace

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Image Is Everything

Image Is Everything

This year at the Black Family Conference I had the opportunity and privilege to hear Dr Molefi Asante speak. Although Dr. Asante said many profound things during his speech, there was a statement that stood out to me the most. In speaking about President Barack Obama Dr Asante stated that “when you see him, when you hear him, he exhibits Self confidence”. Out of all the beautiful references to Africa and our people, this is was the best part to me. Why, you ask? Think on the following: If we transcend class, color, creed, and language, we will see that Image, Self Image to be precise, has a direct affect on how one perceives others, and the quality of life that one will have. In other words, however your life is whether good or bad, or whether become great or a “loser” is all determined by your perception of your Self.

Who Are You? The answer to this question is the “key” to your destiny. Now the key to The “Key” is to be sure that you answer this question yourself! Don’t put the key to your destiny in the hands of others! This is serious. If someone claims that you are an “ugly” person and you accept it, you have just allowed someone else to define you. And you will go on the rest of your life believing that you are “ugly”…whatever the hell that is. Self Definition is essential to your empowerment or impotence. Lets look deeper into this.

The Socially Constructed Persona

Now what exactly do I mean by a socially constructed Persona or the Person as a Social Construct? Well let us use an analogy. Imagine yourself as a giant bowel. Yes a Bowel! A bowel existing in the midst of millions of people. Now every now and then people drop some items into you. Maybe one person drops some music; another a poem. Maybe a Bible or Quran. Perhaps someone may even spit in you! All of this interaction going on between you and these people and you just keep collecting stuff. Pretty soon it becomes difficult to distinguish between you and the stuff! Its been there so long you even begin to believe that you are the stuff! This is the world that we live in. A world where our personality is constantly being shaped and molded by outside influences, and interactions with others. This is a beautiful gift and a curse. Beautiful in the sense that we are connected to one another, and in essence; need one another to survive. However it can become an extreme curse if we don't safe guard our bowels, and what we allow to come in.

Looking at the word person, it is made up of two words: per meaning through; or by way of and sona meainig sound. Lets brake it down scientifically. Physics teaches us that everything that exist is in constant motion Also if it moves, then it makes a sound. Sound/vibration, these are the same basis of all material existence. Now lets ask ourselves a very serious question; Which frequency are we moving on? Which/whose words are the motive force behind our thoughts and actions? Take a second and think about it?

From the very first moment we stepped foot on this earth we had Identity impositions placed on us. Now this is not something bad in itself, in fact it is a universal truth for societies abroad. this is the basis of community (common unity) building. But what if the word, the sound that is the motive force of the community is detructive? What if the word that is intilled in us tells us that we are inferior?; that there is something that we can't do? That we're not smart enough? Unfortunately we live in a society that is not a common unity. A common unity with a common word that synergizes the whole. No we live in a society where those who control the mainstream word are in it for themselves, only interested in maintaining their lifetyles by any and all means, even if that means deceitfully placing a word in the minds of the masses that is the equivalent of an lobotomy gone wrong. Is this the life we want? No! So how do we escape it?

Control Your Word or Someone Else will Control You! In Whose Image Are You Made?

Now I know you are thinking “I thought this article was supposed to be spiritual”, or “this sounds like psychology to me”. It is both Spiritual and Psychology. In a book a wise man once said “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Well in order to renew our minds we must empty it of all the beliefs and concepts we hold about ourselves and others. Yes it is like starting all over again. Now we can re-establish the “foundation”, our Self Image. In the same book another wise man said ”God made man in His/Her Image and Likeness”. Now although these quotes are from a particular book, the concepts can be found throughout the world’s spiritual literature. Sounds like these literatures are road maps to success to me. For if they are correct, then we should have a Supreme Self Image right? And this Image should give us the power to be who we want to be, and create our lives exactly the way we want it, right? Well the next time you are thinking about how unhappy you are with yourself, your life, and others, you might want to examine the way you see yourself. You might want to figure out which/whose word is in your ear. Have you not learned that your word shall be bond regardless to whom or what? YES! Word is bond and bond is LIFE, and I shall give my Life before My Word shall Fail! What Word is your Bond/Life? Remember you are as much as you think yourself to be. In the words of our beautiful beloved Ancestors, “Know Thyself”. Peace