Thursday, April 16, 2009

Image Is Everything

Image Is Everything

This year at the Black Family Conference I had the opportunity and privilege to hear Dr Molefi Asante speak. Although Dr. Asante said many profound things during his speech, there was a statement that stood out to me the most. In speaking about President Barack Obama Dr Asante stated that “when you see him, when you hear him, he exhibits Self confidence”. Out of all the beautiful references to Africa and our people, this is was the best part to me. Why, you ask? Think on the following: If we transcend class, color, creed, and language, we will see that Image, Self Image to be precise, has a direct affect on how one perceives others, and the quality of life that one will have. In other words, however your life is whether good or bad, or whether become great or a “loser” is all determined by your perception of your Self.

Who Are You? The answer to this question is the “key” to your destiny. Now the key to The “Key” is to be sure that you answer this question yourself! Don’t put the key to your destiny in the hands of others! This is serious. If someone claims that you are an “ugly” person and you accept it, you have just allowed someone else to define you. And you will go on the rest of your life believing that you are “ugly”…whatever the hell that is. Self Definition is essential to your empowerment or impotence. Lets look deeper into this.

The Socially Constructed Persona

Now what exactly do I mean by a socially constructed Persona or the Person as a Social Construct? Well let us use an analogy. Imagine yourself as a giant bowel. Yes a Bowel! A bowel existing in the midst of millions of people. Now every now and then people drop some items into you. Maybe one person drops some music; another a poem. Maybe a Bible or Quran. Perhaps someone may even spit in you! All of this interaction going on between you and these people and you just keep collecting stuff. Pretty soon it becomes difficult to distinguish between you and the stuff! Its been there so long you even begin to believe that you are the stuff! This is the world that we live in. A world where our personality is constantly being shaped and molded by outside influences, and interactions with others. This is a beautiful gift and a curse. Beautiful in the sense that we are connected to one another, and in essence; need one another to survive. However it can become an extreme curse if we don't safe guard our bowels, and what we allow to come in.

Looking at the word person, it is made up of two words: per meaning through; or by way of and sona meainig sound. Lets brake it down scientifically. Physics teaches us that everything that exist is in constant motion Also if it moves, then it makes a sound. Sound/vibration, these are the same basis of all material existence. Now lets ask ourselves a very serious question; Which frequency are we moving on? Which/whose words are the motive force behind our thoughts and actions? Take a second and think about it?

From the very first moment we stepped foot on this earth we had Identity impositions placed on us. Now this is not something bad in itself, in fact it is a universal truth for societies abroad. this is the basis of community (common unity) building. But what if the word, the sound that is the motive force of the community is detructive? What if the word that is intilled in us tells us that we are inferior?; that there is something that we can't do? That we're not smart enough? Unfortunately we live in a society that is not a common unity. A common unity with a common word that synergizes the whole. No we live in a society where those who control the mainstream word are in it for themselves, only interested in maintaining their lifetyles by any and all means, even if that means deceitfully placing a word in the minds of the masses that is the equivalent of an lobotomy gone wrong. Is this the life we want? No! So how do we escape it?

Control Your Word or Someone Else will Control You! In Whose Image Are You Made?

Now I know you are thinking “I thought this article was supposed to be spiritual”, or “this sounds like psychology to me”. It is both Spiritual and Psychology. In a book a wise man once said “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Well in order to renew our minds we must empty it of all the beliefs and concepts we hold about ourselves and others. Yes it is like starting all over again. Now we can re-establish the “foundation”, our Self Image. In the same book another wise man said ”God made man in His/Her Image and Likeness”. Now although these quotes are from a particular book, the concepts can be found throughout the world’s spiritual literature. Sounds like these literatures are road maps to success to me. For if they are correct, then we should have a Supreme Self Image right? And this Image should give us the power to be who we want to be, and create our lives exactly the way we want it, right? Well the next time you are thinking about how unhappy you are with yourself, your life, and others, you might want to examine the way you see yourself. You might want to figure out which/whose word is in your ear. Have you not learned that your word shall be bond regardless to whom or what? YES! Word is bond and bond is LIFE, and I shall give my Life before My Word shall Fail! What Word is your Bond/Life? Remember you are as much as you think yourself to be. In the words of our beautiful beloved Ancestors, “Know Thyself”. Peace

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