Friday, May 22, 2009

The Liberator Within

I dedicate this to the 5%, Ausar Auset Society, and All the great Teachers of spirituality and Metaphysics. But most of all YOU! :~)

Why Liberation?

Ok! Why The Liberator Within? What do I mean by that? Lets I'm a student of the wisdom of the Ancients; Especially the metaphysics and spiritual teachings. These ancient geniuses used to teach us about ourselves, the cosmos, and how we relate to All. However, they would do so in the form of myths, metaphors, and legends. Many of the stories were at least three levels deep; meaning there was a surface interpretation and other esoteric(hidden) understandings to the stories. Many were based on Astrological/astronomical truths, and also the spiritual anatomy of wo/man. Now there are many such stories around, and many different interpretations to these stories; but I have chosen the concept of the dying and resurrecting saviour as my source of inspiration.

Many of these stories are centered around the activities of the sun...i.e winter solstice, spring equinox etc.

I want to look at the esoteric significance a little deeper. The sun represents consciousness, the will of man. It represents that which is aware, initiates, governs, and chooses in man (a capacity/faculty that is man in deed). Lets look at these stories from the perspective of the battle of the will of man (a.k.a. the war within Self).

Stories of the Self

Many of these stories are psychological phenomenon depicted in anthropomorphic (human) form to help people better grasp the concepts. This is the way the Ancient Sages did it! They told stories to help us understand. Why? Because understanding is a function/effect of the right hemisphere of the brain, which learns through visual/abstract means. It is the aspect of the brain that allows us to relate things to get the holistic meaning (big picture)....but back to these stories. Many of them (Jesus, Heru, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl...stay tuned for my 2012 post :~) )Deal with the Death and resurrection of the Consciousness/Will of man. Yes these stories...many of which are identical aside from the language, are spiritual stories that tell of the adventure of the Consciousness and spirit of man as he sojourns into the physical realm. This Self imposed adventure (initiation into the Knowledge of Self), begins at physical birth where consciousness is seeded/rooted into flesh.

Ok "what the hell are you talking about?" lol I hear ya, "and
"what does this have to do with the liberator within?" Lets find out!

The Journey Begins (Am I a Slave?)

Now Consciousness has began its adventure into the physical world. Now it gets amnesia! It forgets that its consciousness and begins to Identify with the physical world. Next thing you know its on Somatic (physical/body) lockdown! Thats right 23hr lock down (you know people don't sleep! The body begins to dictate our agenda. It tells us when to eat, when to sleep, when to have sex, when to get angry, when to get sad! It goes on further to tell you what you like, what you don't like, who you like, who you don't like. All of a sudden you've become a slave! A slave to your body! What happened to your Will? What happened to your freedom? Its not your fault! Also, its not a bad thing. In fact, its the reason why you're here. The next thing that you become a slave to is mind. "What?" Yes mind! We become a slave to mind. What is mind?

As soon as we stepped foot out the womb our conditioning began. Our identity was dictated to us. Our ideologies were given to us. Everything that we Identify with was either imposed, implanted, or adopted, some good, some bad. These things begin to make up the construct we call mind. Thats right! Mind is made up of experiences, that creates conditionings, that creates addictions, which leads to more experiences which repeats the same conditioning, which reinforces the same addictions, that strengthens our Somatic and Mental Slavery. Yes I know you thought that was you. I know you thought that you liked that, that you believed that, that you loved her. So did I! Now its time to get free! Its liberation time! Here's how!

Pert Em Heru! (Coming forth by Day..aka Wake Up!
Now we've had our ah ha moment! Look at our lives. Why do we do what we do? When did it start? Can you identify the first time you felt that way? This is the first step in our path to freedom. Can you re-member? In Kemet (Ancient Egypt) this is symbolized by Auset(Isis) searching to put together (re-member) the pieces of Ausar. It starts with some deep introspection into ourselves. Identify those negative conditonings that have you unhealthy, unhappy, prejudice, selfish, poor, etc. Point them out! All of them! In fact, point out every conditoning you have...even those we don't consider negative (remember our mind is a construct of these things). It will take a while...but it will all be worth it in the end.

Giving Birth To The Saviour

Now we have these conditionings identified as such conditionings! Things that we inherited or picked up, but things that we are not. Now the next thing we're gonna do is ignore them! This is IMPORTANT! You are consciousness (awareness, perception..not what is perceived). What you perceive or pay attention, you give/direct energy to. What you direct energy to you will see manifest/materialize (this is the SECRET) for as science has taught us, energy and matter are two poles of the same unit. Remember that chain of command! So we will ignore these negative conditionings! Get emotional about ignoring them! See yourself acting out the positive. See yourself joyful at acting out the positive. See yourself at peace in the situations in which these conditionings would cause you to normally act. Be devoted to this! And before you know it, you will have given birth to your liberator (Will).

Now we have given birth to our Liberator (will). What does this mean? This means that we are free to choose. Free to choose which behaviors to accept or ignore. We no longer act off of impulse. We are properly Seated where we belong...above (Heaven is our home!). Above our thoughts; Above our emotions; Above our actions! We become master and controller over all of these. Now we're ready to battle the lower part of Self! We're ready to battle and defeat any and every thought that is adverse to our freedom before it even becomes an action. Feels good doesn't it? be free? to be liberated? Watch you accomplish things you never thought you could! Yes you are the Saviour! You are the Liberator! You are your own "Miracle" Worker!

I hope this blog finds you all in Peace! I love...!

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