Thursday, July 23, 2009

Living Like an Afrikan In America

After listening to all this talk about the failing economy I am convinced that none of the people talking know what they're talking about. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that its not failing...No that's not what I'm saying! What I'm saying is that they don't understand why the economy of the United States and others with like systems are in the shape that they are in today. To be frank, when the founders of the system signed on the dotted line to establish the capitalist system, they signed their countries death certificate! (Yes I Said It!) Why? Because anytime you go in the opposite direction of the flow of Nature and the Universe, YOU cut yourself off from the Main sustenance of life! Ask the ancient Chinese sages what happens when you go against the flow of the Tao. Ask the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Priest what happens when you live other than Maat! Lets look at it!

The universe moves toward unity. You say "how do you know"? Peep this. The world is made up of a multitude of entities that are all interdependent on one another. The world is maintained through systems and cycles that show the underlying connection and interdependence between all things. Look at the relationship of Us and trees, trees and water, water and us! This is the nature of All life all the way from the lowest life form to Man. Unity is the flow of the cosmos.

Well you're probably wondering what's the problem with your economic system besides the fact it does not work...(I had to I'm sorry :~)) Well allow me to give you a scenario. Imagine one person having grapes, another oranges, and another almonds. The almond man goes to the grapes lady and asks her for some grapes. Her response is "whats in it for me?" Almond boy replies "I have some almonds". Grapes woman is like I don't want any almonds I want some oranges. So almond boy decides to go to the Orange lady. "How are you doing Orange lady, I need some oranges." Her response is "Whats in it for me?" Almond boy offers her some almonds but she says "I don't want any almonds I want grapes!" Damn! What do you do (I know some of y'all are like But not so fast.) This is an example of Capitalism and the materialistic mindset. Its all about "Whats in it for me!" This is division not Unity! Not only is this not the Afrikan way, this is not THE WAY.

I recently had a revelation in which I came to the realization that its getting close to crunch time (2012 post coming soon!). I decided that I wasn't going to live the way society dictated for me to live. I decided that just because I live in this society, that does not mean that I have to subscribe to it segregative mindset and ideology. I'm an Original Man! (What we know as Afrikan!) We are a community oriented people. But when we live other than ourselves and go against the natural order of things we fall hard. We are moving into a time where Individualism will be the death of us. You know how we can be! We can have five people in a house and everybody has a job but the money is not concentrated and as a result the whole suffers and struggles. So how do we escape this apparent disaster? Take your cue from nature.

Recently myself and a few friends decided its time to live like the Original. Afrikan, Spiritual people that we are. We decided its time to get back to community. We realized that if we are truly united then nothing can stop us. So we are going to live together, work together, eat together, save together, invest together, and build the early foundations for a community, society, nation, and world that is in harmony with flow of the universe.

So here's a blueprint for you.

1) Find some family and friends that you can come together with and share with!

2) Pool your resources (bills, food, money, investments, business ..etc)

3) Stop thinking me so much (you are not alone in the

4) Cut back on some of your unneeded habits (I don't smoke but you won't believe how many times someone has come up to me within the past 2 days asking me for a cigarette because they can't afford the addiction! One guy even admitted it!)

5) Relationships will be our salvation in the next few years so salvage the ones you have and start some new ones

6) Expand your knowledge

7) Love Unconditionally

By coming together you won't have to work so hard to sustain yourself as you would if your alone. Also basic survival is taken care of so now you can get into the cultivation and discovery of your gifts and talents. And wait to you see the boost in your creativity! You might even quit that hard, boring job you hate so much! :~)
When you're focused on survival, you're operating from your reptilian brain, which places you in fight or flight mode (and you thought they were just getting on your, and shuts down/locks you out of your higher creative faculties and reasoning abilities (You're what we call trapped.).

Take this time to start over! We have to do it! What you waiting on? There is no Mystery! The only mystery is you no knowing who you are! Peace

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  1. Give thanks to the most High for this rich and deep's a message the reavel the untoled part of Evil work,Babylon will fall and truth will shine in Zion.