Saturday, July 2, 2011

Waiting In Vain (Poem)

This is a poem I wrote a few months ago...I thought I would share it with Its something that can be universally felt..regardless of ones personal subject matter We've ALL been to the point where we're like "if this shit could take any longer" but at the same time..." If I can hold on just a little bit longer" So I hope yall enjoy....and I hope you all find it inspirational. Remember its your Don't ever stop searching/reaching for that INNER GLOW....Peace

Waiting In Vain

Sometimes I feel as if I'm waiting in vain....its like I'm High off hope like its dope trying to ease this pain....truthfully long is too long? its like I'm listening to a repeat of the same sad ass song!!!...its like....when you get some clothes to know...they were given to " here this is for you to grow into"....but DAMN I'M GROWN OVER HERE!!!...and I don't mean to complain...but if there's one thing that I fear...its waiting in vain....Like waiting to Die only to find there's no heaven in the sky.....or like that husband...that can't wait to get home....only to find that his Wife and ALL of her shit is see its that emptiness that scares receive a void for where my hopes and dreams used to be....and I swear to God I would move on if it wasn't for the possibility....that the reason I'm sitting here is really meant to be...So I wait patiently impatient...insane just the same...B.U.T. I don't mind going long as its not in vain.

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Aankh Udja Seneb (life, prosperity, and health)

Aankh Benu

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