Friday, August 12, 2011

The Prelude

Roubini Warns of Global Recession Risk - MarketWatch Video
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Key to Eden (Quotes/Excerpts)

These Quotes and passages are taken from my latest book The Key to Eden by Aankh Benu. It is available now in both digital (ebook) and paperback formats. I hope that u enjoy it! Peace


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When you are really living, you are dancing. Sometimes the dance is slow, sometimes it is fast, and sometimes it is moderate. Life is full of different types of situations, and our biggest challenge is to learn how to harmonize with them. Sometimes life calls for aggression, sometimes it calls receptivity. Sometimes life will ask you to lead, other times it will ask you to follow. We must learn to hear the rhythm and see the steps so we can walk in joy. When we accomplish this we will step out joyfully to meet life, our beautiful dance partner. ~ The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

Understand that every situation in life provides a key for you to unlock the Divine Mysteries hidden within. Also every situation is like a song played in a specific key. Imagine trying to unlock a door with a key that does not fit, or singing off key, or dancing off beat. This is what life is like when we are not able to harmonize joyfully with its rhythm. When we are off beat in life we begin to clash with it, we begin to compete with it; we enter into survivor mode. This automatically locks us out of creative thinking and reason, depletes our vitality, and like a ship going against the flow of the sea, sooner or later we will wreck ~ The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

Negative memories are the real ghost and demons that haunt, and destroy lives. These demons don't require any super powers or hocus pocus to cause destruction, our attention is enough. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

Who made it a law that we need an intermediary to get to the Creator? This is an absolute fallacy. There is no one closer to the Divine than we are right now. In fact, we are so close that we are almost inseparable from God. If we could get any closer we would become totally absorbed in Divinity, and the only thing preventing this from occurring is our own ideas of separateness. ~ The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

We are creators by nature, and the Will is the magician's wand by which we make the magic in our lives. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

...the teaching of a damning God has been the greatest tool, of the religious economic machine to fleece the people of their money, and ultimately control the socio-political power of the masses. Simply put, if you are afraid, you are not thinking effectively. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

...if love is not our motive force, then fear is. If fear is what motivates us (moves us), then we are in survival mode. We cannot live synergistically when we are vibrating on fear and survival mode. We are busy trying to preserve our person, and we become cannibals. This is exactly what we see right now; Physical, mental, and spiritual cannibalism. Unless those who are in the know take a stand to spread love and help to heal the world, one day not so far away we may see literal cannibalism. Those of us who know who we are must take a stand to teach others. This is not a call to proselytize, but to teach by example and service. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

...we must bring Jesus down to earth. What we call the Christ must be placed within our reach, as something to be followed, emulated, and at the pinnacle, something to be attained. It is only then that the true power contained within the bible will be unlocked. In order to do this we must look at Christ as a discipline, and we must place ourselves in the position of disciples. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

For our purposes we shall look at the cross through the eyes of a metaphysician. The cross, we shall say, is a symbol representing the earth, and by extension all that is grossly physical. The four points represents the four cardinal directions, as well as the four metaphorical elements (air, earth, fire, and water). ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

..When we begin to live the life of a disciple we are symbolically
carrying our cross. We are no longer following the dictates of our physical, emotional, sensual existence, but placing it under our authority. This discipline is our own journey toward Calvary, to meet with our Lord and realize our Divinity or oneness with the God. This journey will not be an easy one, and the world, your negative conditionings and habits, will attempt to nail your hands and feet (actions) to the cross, and place a crown of thorns on your head (stress)....our ego must die in order to resurrect the God within us, and carry the anointing, to be the Christ. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu
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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Good Shepherd (Poem)

This poem is dedicated to all those who use their words to enlighten and heal.

In the beginning God said...

And so do I...

You said I AM His Image...

Is there any wonder why?...

The words I speak...have the power to give life...

Because deep in the very core of them...resides the Most High...

That's why you the sound of my voice...

The vibrations of these lyrics resonates with your spirit when you hear it...

Born with a speach...that has the capacity to reach deep...

Into the depths of your mind....

Pull you up out that grave...

Wipe that dirt off your behind...

You see when I part these lips the whole universe submits...

And when I respond...

Because I know that the right word...

Spoken at the right time...

Recited with the right feeling....

Carries with it all the ingredients necessary for healing...

My word is bond...

And my life...

To speak light into your life....

To make my words...bright...

To shine through your night...

And if that day comes..when I have no more to say....

Then I pray I left enough light....for you to find your way...

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Has Benu Declared War?

Not I'm not even mad. I actually perceive the feeling of wonderfulness within my person. I feel great joy, happiness, bliss. This is the feeling I want to share with each and every person on earth. "If this is the case, why have you been going so hard on the preacher?" Because I AM one with the preacher. I'm doing it because I love the preacher! I recognize that the reverend, like everyone and everything else, is a manifestation of the Divine, and want for him what I want for myself. I want to see him express the glory of God. I want him to be enlightened. I like him, had once forgotten who I AM, and the knowledge of such is too essential and beautiful to keep to myself. So the Key is also for the pastor. We are not enemies, we are one. All is God, All is One. So who is there to fight with really?

One of the main reasons why I wrote The Key to Eden, is because this is a part of my history, my roots, my heritage. Many people move on to new knowledge, and throw away, forget about where they come from and the people they left there. We can not deal with our ancient history and roots, without first dealing with our recent history and roots. This is an aspect of many peoples lives that need healing. I want to close the gap, mend the disconnect. It is the disconnect that each and every "conscious" individual feels when they are around their christian family. We are all one.

So I did not write this book to start a fight, even though some may want to fight me for it. You can not read it and remain in bondage. We are moving into a new time, and it is time for everyone to evolve. We must see one another as Divine again.

If you have been following along, I spoke on the situation between the church and my mother. What happened did not make me angry, but put the church back on my radar. I look at that radar through the lens of love. This key is the Master Key, so it doesn't matter what ones religious stance is, or what their choice sacred text is. This key can unlock all of them. It translates all of them. It transcends all dogma, and provides the tools to reconcile all differences.

The beauty of life is in our differences. Most spiritual cosmologies, including the Bible, state that prior to creation, the Creator (whatever the name) brought things into being, out of a state of Chaos or No-thingness. All existed as an infinite, undifferentiated mass of energy/matter. "and the earth (matter) was formless and void" a reference to this Chaos/Nothingness. There were no forms. The Creative Intelligence existed within this infinte mass, therefore IT had no form. There was nothing for it to interact with, no one to relate to, nothing to experience. There wasn't anything to perceive, to know, not even It's Self, its capabilities and infinite possibilities. So in order for the God to get to know itself, it had to create differences within itself. So the One Manifest itself through multiplicity. The essential oneness of its Being is maintained and expressed through order and harmony. That it the beautiful music/dance that is life; to bring order to our chaotic existence, to harmonize with the circumstances we go through. As the embodiment of the Infinite, we long for, and seek Definition (purpose, meaning). Each and every person deals with this, regardless of what it is they believe. Its all about peace and happiness.

Because of this fact that our origin is in chaos, we have been endowed with the same infinite possibilites. That Chaos, that infinite mass, like a lump of clay, allows us to form, mold, shape, make our lives into whatever we will and imagine it to be. This is the gift of our Divinity.

We are only limited by the words and concepts we accept, live by, and define ourselves by. If one is not careful they will become a slave to the word. This is the issue. The problem is not with the preacher, but the misuse of the word. Man is the only Creature that has power over the word, and he must maintain the proper relationship with the word and make it serve his purposes, instead of being a slave to it. I'll say it this way. "Man is the Definition of God, but the further man defines Self, the more he confines and restricts God (Re-membering Ausar)." Careful with those words.

Life is meant to be lived, to be enjoyed. It is meant for you to explore your Creative Potential, and infinte possibilities. You can't do so if you are afraid to live, if you think you are a filthy rag, a sinner by nature. You cannot truly enjoy life and live authentically, if you are waiting to die to do so. All of these things are meant to be exerienced in the Now. You are the Now and the more Present you are the closer you get to immortality, and a life of deeper fulfillment. Afterall a child of God has to be a God, don't let the language confuse you.

I said in my last post "Why do you believe in that, you are THAT," that the Bible was locked to the preacher. Not due to any flaw in the minister's nature as a man, but the missing of essential keys. When one deals with a subject in a segregative manner, you limit the scope of wisdom that can be attained from it. So to separate, for instance, the New Testament from the Old, or to deal with the Old Testament, specifically the first five books of Moses, without taking into account the culture that played the major role in conditioning the mind of the Author (which is proposed to be Egypt, "...and Moses was learned in all the Wisdom of the Egyptians...", Moses is also said to have been raised as Egyptian royalty), you end up missing keys. To deal with any literary work without taking into account the original language it was written get the point. Also, the Ancients taught in parables, metaphors, and symbols. You had to be in the "know", or initiated in order to be granted the understanding of what was being said. Thus they taught mythology and used symbols to explain abstract realities in a concrete manner. This is why when approaching pretty much any religious or spiritual text, there are things that are absolutley absurd within them, if they are taken literally. For example, I attended a seminary once (yes I, the class was New Testament Survey. The professor, who was also a minister (and very slick as was teaching on the nature of Jesus. He was dealing with the different ideas that were held throughout history. He said some see/saw Jesus as a Demigod or half man and half God, others 100 percent man, while others saw him as 100 percent God. Well the teacher then stated that he (Jesus) was 100 percent man and 100 percent God, all at once. "The Father that is the son, and the son that is the father, the second Adam." Well whether he knew what he was saying or not isn't of any consquence, but symbolically it was very profound. The whole statement is profound, but I want to deal with the latter part, you handle the (u can do it!) Why the "second Adam?" The first Adam was the Image and Likeness of God, thus he was divine. He "fell," bumped his head, and forgot how to be God ( that's how it goes right? ;-) ). So the second Adam, Jesus, came to set an example, to lay down a discipline (he had disciples, they called him "master") to show man how to be God again. Then said greater works you shall I didn't know the Biiiiiiibaaal was so heavy :-).

What is Genesis 1 saying. Who is the "Us and Our" ( who is the We of the Quran? Oh What is meant by man being made from the soil of Eden? What does Eden mean? What is the Tree of Life, and how does it relate to that Us and Our? The whole book is draped in symbolism. This is not a bad thing for life itself is Carl Jung would say (The Symbolic Life). These are just a few of the things that are locked within the book. Arrogance and ignorance has locked most of us out of the book (the book is a symbol for life itself).

So in essence I wrote the The Key to Eden to explain these these things, to give these keys, in the simplest manner that I could. It will help you unlock the mysteries that is you.


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Why do you believe in that? You are THAT! (Why I'm Giving You the Key pt. 3)

"We mustn't confuse mastery with mimicry, knowledge with superstitious ignorance."~ Ancient Kamitic Proverb~

"The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going." ~Proverbs 14:15~

I was listening to this pastor on youtube the other day. You know every now and then I need a good (often actually). So this particular day I was in the mood of some Reverend humor. Well I came across a video of a preacher talking about how people in this new day and time like to perceive, and approach religion and the Bible. He said that "people today want to approach the word of God (the Bible) in the same manner that they would approach their academics, or science." He then went on to talk of "universal truth," and I thought to myself "man this is gonna be good :-)." He went on to say how people want to believe what they want to believe, and how they want to believe, and how they say that "everyone has their own truth, and how your truth may not be my truth." Well to get to his point, he wrapped it up by stating that people make a mistake in dealing with the word of God academically and scientifically, for both science and the academia have been proven wrong time and time again, citing how people once thought the world was flat, or that the sun revolved around the earth etc. However, he said, there is but one truth, a universal truth, and the Biiiiiiibaaaal huhuha (in my huckster preacher voice), is that one truth! I thought to myself, "has anyone ever noticed how arrogantly absurd these guys are?"

Why doesn't he want you to deal with that book, and what he is teaching in a logical, rational, academic, and scientific manner? If God created man, then he also created man's brain, which is meant for thinking, for reasoning. So if man's mind was fashioned by Divine Design, why in the hell do pastors discourage the use of it? Isn't the Bible considered a book? Like any book, doesn't it fall into a time, language, and culture of origin, all of which played a significant role in molding it? Shouldn't we study the history of it, inquire into the authorship, and what's granted them the agency to write on the said subject matter?

No, they don't want you to research the Bible thoroughly. They hate when you ask questions. They know that if you dealt with the text academically and scientifically, you would come out with an exegesis that would never allow you to accept what they are teaching. The minute you begin to study the Bible objectively, you would realize that you've been had, hoodwinked, led astray, run a muck...sorry I had a flash back.

Why? Because science, true academics, true knowledge, requires you to validate the information being presented with your experience! Critical to acquiring knowledge of any kind, is your direct observation. The acceptance of any words, information, theories, etc, without your direct experience/observation, can never be seriously considered knowing. Simply put, as our Ancestors would say, "to know truth, you must live it." So he discourages critical thinking because it would lead you to also think critically about him in the process, and he can't afford for that to happen, literally, he can't afford it! This is not to just pick on the preacher, but the imam, the rabbi, the priest, and any other charlatan, trying to get you the drink the kool-aid without telling you the ingredients of it. If they don't want you to think, run the hell away as fast as you can.

When we were young, many of us believed in Santa Clause. Some big man that lived up north, traveled through the sky, knows who's been naughty or nice, kept a list of our deeds, rewarded those that were good, and was able to be everywhere all in one night! I hear you thinking, "how naive I was to believe in that." Can you hear me thinking? If you could, you would hear me saying "how naive of you to think that u don't anymore." Sad sad sad.

When dealing with science, the key to acquiring knowledge is experience/experimentation. In the experiment you have a theory/hypothesis, a constant/control, and a variable. If you were to step back away from your emotions for a minute, you would realiize that what man says and writes about God (theory), what man believes about God (hypothesis), the name and language man uses to refer to God (nomenclature), may vary (variable), they will constantly change, but there is one universal constant/control in the situation, and that is Man!

That's right, the name and idea will always change, but it will always come out of the mouth and mind of a man (male and female). Why? Because man is the attempt at the Eternal, Infinite, Creative Intelligence's never ending quest to find the bounds of its boundlessness. That's why you are here. You give the INFINITE definition. In fact, the Bible says that man is the Image, and Temple of God. You are the Man-I-festation of the Divine. That's why I ask you "why do you believe in that, you are THAT!"

The Bible says that the Kingdom of God/Heaven is within you. So why are you looking up; why are you waiting to die? The Bible says that "Yea are gods, and all of you are children of the most high." So why do you believe that you are just filthy rags (that is blasphemous!)? You are more than you could ever know, literally. You are powerful beyond measure, and wiser beyond comprehension! Remember this, all experience comes through you in order to be validated, to be known.

So why am I giving you the Key? Because you've forgotten who you are. The book says man "fell"(so Well he must hit his head in the process cause he's got amnesia. You've forgotten the I AM...think about it. I'm giving you the key because that book is locked to the "good" reverend. Its time to eradicate the middle man. Liberate Self!

To Be Continued....

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Monday, August 1, 2011

They Shouldn't Have Messed With My Mother! (Why I'm Giving You the Key pt. 2)

As years would pass by, the devotion, and sacrifice would take its toll on my folks economically, and spiritually. With the current economic crisis, everyone has felt something, no matter if the feeling be as light as a gnat (if you're wealthy), or as if you've been hit by an elephant. Well we've all felt something. The world feels it, the church is in the world, and therefore the church feels it. There is no one more oppressive than an oppressor feeling the oppresion of an oncoming depression. The people in the church could no longer afford to give as much as they normally would contribute. As a result, many preachers began to pay the churches dues and bills out of their pockets. My mother, bless her, was one of those preachers. It wasn't long before my folks personal bills would begin to fall by the wayside. The house was almost lost, bills would become doubled, and before long my folks pocket books would run dry.

What are you gonna do? How many sermons can you preach on tithing? The people don't have any money, and you can see the "I'm sick of this shit" look on their faces. So what did my mother do? She opened up a food drive to feed the people. That's was nice..but I knew that the "powers that be" could care less about feeding their flock. It would not be long before they began to threaten my mother. "Either raise the money,or I'll put somebody in their who will." and "If you can't pay the budget, then hand in your appointment." were just a few of the ultimatums thrown in my mothers face. Nevermind that she spent over ten years building up the church, serving. Nevermind her dedication to what she believed in. It doesn't matter that my folks almost lost everything...noooo nevermind that. If she couldn't get the job done ( pimping the poor people for their money), then she was useless in their eyes. So what did they do? I'll tell you what they did. They pissed her off!

She didn't have any money, the members didn't have any money. "We don't have the money, but the Bishop, the Presiding Elder, they said pay it or else." "What are we gonna do?" "Let's Martin Luther their ass!" That's right she, along with a faithful few, decided that if being a member of the A.M.E. Church INC. (Yes I said that :-) ) means giving them money that they didn't have at the expense of their lives (I thought Jesus paid it all? :-) ), then it is not worth being a member and they decided to pull out. My mother learned that the church belonged to the members, and not the Church Corporation. She realized that she was being pimped, the members were being hustled, and the church was only interested in finances. So she felt it only rational, that she liberate herself, as well as her members. She was with it, and they, the members, were with it... so she thought.

Harriet Tubman once said that she could've freed more slaves, if only they Knew they were slaves. If there is one thing you can count on in any revolution, its the Judas Factor. Yea there were some that were really with it, however there were some that saw it as an oppurtunity to dispose of the preacher they've hated for so long. This was their chance. So of course they snitched. Word got out to the big house as to why mom wasn't returning any phone calls, and that's when the stuff hit the fan.

First, the Presiding Elder came to my folks house, and told her straight up, "you can leave, but you can't take my slaves with you." Then they started showing up at the church. As a matter of fact, everyone started showing up. People that had not been there in years, that left the church out of dislike of "Pastor Amedee," suddenly popped back up on the scene. Soon the nea's out weighed the yea's, and the church was divided. Some of those that she thought had her back, backed down in face of the pressure. Lawyers were brought into the equation, which only made things worse. Things reach their peak when it happened...these negroes got to fightin' in the chuuuch!

It got so bad the police began to show up for church. They begin to sit at the corner, section off the block, ready to take someone to jail. They didn't know my folks were from the N.O.(New keep up! so it was all good. But when things got too ugly, and my mom realized that she was fighting without her corner, she reluctantly bowed out.

The whole time all this is going on I'm off in Louisville with my wife, doing my thing. I of course, did not think that it was worth the fight. Afterall, I wasn't in church, and I wasn't buying what they were selling. So I recommended she cease fighting for those who won't fight for themselves. There is an Ancient Egyptian proverb that states "Leave him in error, who loves his error." That was/is my way. However, mom is a fighter and she wasn't going out without a fight. So she fought to the bitter end. Did she win? Some say no, but I think she did.

She may not be a Pastor anymore with a big church, but she learned a lesson worth far more. She realized the game that is organized religion. She realized that she was fighting in vain. She realized that the institution that she gave her all to, was only interested in taking more than that. But after more than 20 years in the ministry, what was she going to do? I didn't know, I was only happy that she learned her lesson..I think..she learned her lesson. Did she learn her lesson?...and then she said it... "I gotta get my head together." Sweet.

She's still on her journey, but what she did, is now being echoed throughout the world of religion, as week after week we hear about another church pulling out of they're disrespective organization (yes I know I said disrespective). This is only the beginning. It is not enough for you to free your pocket book. You must free yourself, your mind. I'm not telling you to throw away your book, just your lying preacher, and his misinterpretation of it. Why do you believe in that? You Are THAT...

To Be Continued....
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Why I'm Giving You the Key (pt.1)

...because they won't. If they have it, they won't give it to u, and if they don't have it they can't. Either way, the lion has been pacing back and forth in its cage too long. Lazarus has been dead for too long. So, since the conquering lion hasn't broken the chains yet, I figured I would give him the key.

"...Within this book is a key to unlock the spiritual and psychological chains, and opens the way to a greater understanding of the scriptures, ourselves, and our direct connection with the Ultimate Reality we call God." What in the hell is Benu getting at?" Well, I'm giving u The Key to Eden. It is the Key to your Divinity. It unlocks the spiritual wisdom and power housed within you. It opens the door to the experience of greater joy and bliss in your life. It opens the door to your tomb, so u can resurrect. However, before I could roll the stone away, I had to erradicate the guard that stood post. That's right..the good Reverend.

"Why Rob? I thought you were through with the church." That's right, I was. I was through and off in my own universe, reconnecting with my roots. I'm not gonna lie..I quit for a But I didn't forget. Let me share something with you..a little of my life, my story.

I grew up in the church. "No really." Hush I'm talking! My family was one of those real churchy ones..I mean REAL churchy. It seemed everyone in this tribe is a preacher, including moms. So since moms was a pastor, you know I was in that joint Sunday through Sunday, every class, every rehearsal, every know what I mean? Of course when I was younger I enjoyed it. I was a musician, a pianist/organist. It was cool, I loved playing music. However, there was one thing that I peeped, from the start that I did not love..hyprocricy. Did Somebody Say Scandal?

My mother got into the game right at the time when Lady preachers were finally being tolerated, long before it got "hot." I watched how some people wouldn't allow her to speak from the pulpit. I watched how they refused to address and acknowledge her as an Elder. I observed how her fellow Sister Ministers, became jealous of her as she climbed the ranks. I guess things got real for me once they started trying to KILL US! That's what I said!

Every week someone would stab our tires, or remove the lugnuts from our car. "Stop lying Benu! Come on man these are church folk not the Mob." Yea whatever u Interesting thing though, I saw my mother get stronger every time. With every infraction, she became more and more determined to succeed. She's a warrior...that's where I get it from, so when u see the flame in my eyes you know that's Cathryn's boy.

My mother was/is very gifted. I admired the gift she had of speaking and writing from an early age. This was one of the main reasons for her success as a minister. As time went by however, I would see her energy begin to decline, her passion began to wane, and soon it became a job, and every artist knows that its difficult to do what u love, write etc..when it becomes a job. She was dedicated, and so was our family, and had no problem sacrificing hard earned money for the church. So we went to every conference, and we spent our own money to do so... several thousands annually.

Anyway, I myself wasn't very interest outside of the music. I read the book for myself, and what I read and what was said did not gel. Besides that what was read and what I saw did not add up..if you've been there before u know what I'm talking about. Anyway, my favorite book was always Revelations ( I was into Metaphysics from Jumpstreet homie :-) ) It didn't click with me. I knew they were lying so it wasn't long before I started leaving before the sermon would start. I'd go sit in the back and take a nap or

When I left home for college I came into my own. I was introduced to some "new" old information. Many of the things I perceived growing up were confirmed, and of course my initial reaction was rage! I was pissed off. I felt betrayed. I had been lied to all these years, and I was mad. This would ultimately lead to a painful disconnect between my person and my family.

Trips home from school would become more and more akward, relationships would become more and more estranged. "You don't believe in what!?!" "You changed your name to what!?!" "You don't eat what!?!"..."you joined who!?!" "You lost your mind!?!"..."you're brainwashed!?!" It would take a few years before "Damn what's wrong with Rob?" Would become "Well, that's just Rob." With my own personal growth and refinement, the connection to my family would soon re-establish harmony. The problem was, they didn't understand where I was coming from, because I wasn't speaking their language. Yes I was speaking English, but with a strong Ancient African Kemet this and Kemet that, Heru this, Ausar that, Black folk this, and white folk that, The Bible came from this, and this came from that..etc and so on. I might as well had been speaking Charlie Brown (whaa whaa whaa whaa!) So in order to open the lines of communication, and thus open the way to harmony, I had to speak they're language.
So after all those years, and all the things I learned, I picked back up my Bible, to translate my life, my experience, to re-establish the strong bond with my folks. They understood me, they got me, they even felt me, ya heard me? So I was good they were doing their thing, and I was doing mine, and everything was peace.

Some years would go by, and I grew in understanding and compassion for people in general, and would no longer be angry. I was fine with the church, because I recognized that people grow at their own pace. I understood that we are all on our own personal journey, and are all evolving, each at their own rate of speed, and in their own way. So for the moment "Rev." got a pass. But then something happened. THEY MESSED WITH MY MAMA!

To Be Continued...
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