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Has Benu Declared War?

Not I'm not even mad. I actually perceive the feeling of wonderfulness within my person. I feel great joy, happiness, bliss. This is the feeling I want to share with each and every person on earth. "If this is the case, why have you been going so hard on the preacher?" Because I AM one with the preacher. I'm doing it because I love the preacher! I recognize that the reverend, like everyone and everything else, is a manifestation of the Divine, and want for him what I want for myself. I want to see him express the glory of God. I want him to be enlightened. I like him, had once forgotten who I AM, and the knowledge of such is too essential and beautiful to keep to myself. So the Key is also for the pastor. We are not enemies, we are one. All is God, All is One. So who is there to fight with really?

One of the main reasons why I wrote The Key to Eden, is because this is a part of my history, my roots, my heritage. Many people move on to new knowledge, and throw away, forget about where they come from and the people they left there. We can not deal with our ancient history and roots, without first dealing with our recent history and roots. This is an aspect of many peoples lives that need healing. I want to close the gap, mend the disconnect. It is the disconnect that each and every "conscious" individual feels when they are around their christian family. We are all one.

So I did not write this book to start a fight, even though some may want to fight me for it. You can not read it and remain in bondage. We are moving into a new time, and it is time for everyone to evolve. We must see one another as Divine again.

If you have been following along, I spoke on the situation between the church and my mother. What happened did not make me angry, but put the church back on my radar. I look at that radar through the lens of love. This key is the Master Key, so it doesn't matter what ones religious stance is, or what their choice sacred text is. This key can unlock all of them. It translates all of them. It transcends all dogma, and provides the tools to reconcile all differences.

The beauty of life is in our differences. Most spiritual cosmologies, including the Bible, state that prior to creation, the Creator (whatever the name) brought things into being, out of a state of Chaos or No-thingness. All existed as an infinite, undifferentiated mass of energy/matter. "and the earth (matter) was formless and void" a reference to this Chaos/Nothingness. There were no forms. The Creative Intelligence existed within this infinte mass, therefore IT had no form. There was nothing for it to interact with, no one to relate to, nothing to experience. There wasn't anything to perceive, to know, not even It's Self, its capabilities and infinite possibilities. So in order for the God to get to know itself, it had to create differences within itself. So the One Manifest itself through multiplicity. The essential oneness of its Being is maintained and expressed through order and harmony. That it the beautiful music/dance that is life; to bring order to our chaotic existence, to harmonize with the circumstances we go through. As the embodiment of the Infinite, we long for, and seek Definition (purpose, meaning). Each and every person deals with this, regardless of what it is they believe. Its all about peace and happiness.

Because of this fact that our origin is in chaos, we have been endowed with the same infinite possibilites. That Chaos, that infinite mass, like a lump of clay, allows us to form, mold, shape, make our lives into whatever we will and imagine it to be. This is the gift of our Divinity.

We are only limited by the words and concepts we accept, live by, and define ourselves by. If one is not careful they will become a slave to the word. This is the issue. The problem is not with the preacher, but the misuse of the word. Man is the only Creature that has power over the word, and he must maintain the proper relationship with the word and make it serve his purposes, instead of being a slave to it. I'll say it this way. "Man is the Definition of God, but the further man defines Self, the more he confines and restricts God (Re-membering Ausar)." Careful with those words.

Life is meant to be lived, to be enjoyed. It is meant for you to explore your Creative Potential, and infinte possibilities. You can't do so if you are afraid to live, if you think you are a filthy rag, a sinner by nature. You cannot truly enjoy life and live authentically, if you are waiting to die to do so. All of these things are meant to be exerienced in the Now. You are the Now and the more Present you are the closer you get to immortality, and a life of deeper fulfillment. Afterall a child of God has to be a God, don't let the language confuse you.

I said in my last post "Why do you believe in that, you are THAT," that the Bible was locked to the preacher. Not due to any flaw in the minister's nature as a man, but the missing of essential keys. When one deals with a subject in a segregative manner, you limit the scope of wisdom that can be attained from it. So to separate, for instance, the New Testament from the Old, or to deal with the Old Testament, specifically the first five books of Moses, without taking into account the culture that played the major role in conditioning the mind of the Author (which is proposed to be Egypt, "...and Moses was learned in all the Wisdom of the Egyptians...", Moses is also said to have been raised as Egyptian royalty), you end up missing keys. To deal with any literary work without taking into account the original language it was written get the point. Also, the Ancients taught in parables, metaphors, and symbols. You had to be in the "know", or initiated in order to be granted the understanding of what was being said. Thus they taught mythology and used symbols to explain abstract realities in a concrete manner. This is why when approaching pretty much any religious or spiritual text, there are things that are absolutley absurd within them, if they are taken literally. For example, I attended a seminary once (yes I, the class was New Testament Survey. The professor, who was also a minister (and very slick as was teaching on the nature of Jesus. He was dealing with the different ideas that were held throughout history. He said some see/saw Jesus as a Demigod or half man and half God, others 100 percent man, while others saw him as 100 percent God. Well the teacher then stated that he (Jesus) was 100 percent man and 100 percent God, all at once. "The Father that is the son, and the son that is the father, the second Adam." Well whether he knew what he was saying or not isn't of any consquence, but symbolically it was very profound. The whole statement is profound, but I want to deal with the latter part, you handle the (u can do it!) Why the "second Adam?" The first Adam was the Image and Likeness of God, thus he was divine. He "fell," bumped his head, and forgot how to be God ( that's how it goes right? ;-) ). So the second Adam, Jesus, came to set an example, to lay down a discipline (he had disciples, they called him "master") to show man how to be God again. Then said greater works you shall I didn't know the Biiiiiiibaaal was so heavy :-).

What is Genesis 1 saying. Who is the "Us and Our" ( who is the We of the Quran? Oh What is meant by man being made from the soil of Eden? What does Eden mean? What is the Tree of Life, and how does it relate to that Us and Our? The whole book is draped in symbolism. This is not a bad thing for life itself is Carl Jung would say (The Symbolic Life). These are just a few of the things that are locked within the book. Arrogance and ignorance has locked most of us out of the book (the book is a symbol for life itself).

So in essence I wrote the The Key to Eden to explain these these things, to give these keys, in the simplest manner that I could. It will help you unlock the mysteries that is you.


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