Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Key to Eden (Quotes/Excerpts)

These Quotes and passages are taken from my latest book The Key to Eden by Aankh Benu. It is available now in both digital (ebook) and paperback formats. I hope that u enjoy it! Peace


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When you are really living, you are dancing. Sometimes the dance is slow, sometimes it is fast, and sometimes it is moderate. Life is full of different types of situations, and our biggest challenge is to learn how to harmonize with them. Sometimes life calls for aggression, sometimes it calls receptivity. Sometimes life will ask you to lead, other times it will ask you to follow. We must learn to hear the rhythm and see the steps so we can walk in joy. When we accomplish this we will step out joyfully to meet life, our beautiful dance partner. ~ The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

Understand that every situation in life provides a key for you to unlock the Divine Mysteries hidden within. Also every situation is like a song played in a specific key. Imagine trying to unlock a door with a key that does not fit, or singing off key, or dancing off beat. This is what life is like when we are not able to harmonize joyfully with its rhythm. When we are off beat in life we begin to clash with it, we begin to compete with it; we enter into survivor mode. This automatically locks us out of creative thinking and reason, depletes our vitality, and like a ship going against the flow of the sea, sooner or later we will wreck ~ The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

Negative memories are the real ghost and demons that haunt, and destroy lives. These demons don't require any super powers or hocus pocus to cause destruction, our attention is enough. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

Who made it a law that we need an intermediary to get to the Creator? This is an absolute fallacy. There is no one closer to the Divine than we are right now. In fact, we are so close that we are almost inseparable from God. If we could get any closer we would become totally absorbed in Divinity, and the only thing preventing this from occurring is our own ideas of separateness. ~ The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

We are creators by nature, and the Will is the magician's wand by which we make the magic in our lives. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

...the teaching of a damning God has been the greatest tool, of the religious economic machine to fleece the people of their money, and ultimately control the socio-political power of the masses. Simply put, if you are afraid, you are not thinking effectively. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

...if love is not our motive force, then fear is. If fear is what motivates us (moves us), then we are in survival mode. We cannot live synergistically when we are vibrating on fear and survival mode. We are busy trying to preserve our person, and we become cannibals. This is exactly what we see right now; Physical, mental, and spiritual cannibalism. Unless those who are in the know take a stand to spread love and help to heal the world, one day not so far away we may see literal cannibalism. Those of us who know who we are must take a stand to teach others. This is not a call to proselytize, but to teach by example and service. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

...we must bring Jesus down to earth. What we call the Christ must be placed within our reach, as something to be followed, emulated, and at the pinnacle, something to be attained. It is only then that the true power contained within the bible will be unlocked. In order to do this we must look at Christ as a discipline, and we must place ourselves in the position of disciples. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

For our purposes we shall look at the cross through the eyes of a metaphysician. The cross, we shall say, is a symbol representing the earth, and by extension all that is grossly physical. The four points represents the four cardinal directions, as well as the four metaphorical elements (air, earth, fire, and water). ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu

..When we begin to live the life of a disciple we are symbolically
carrying our cross. We are no longer following the dictates of our physical, emotional, sensual existence, but placing it under our authority. This discipline is our own journey toward Calvary, to meet with our Lord and realize our Divinity or oneness with the God. This journey will not be an easy one, and the world, your negative conditionings and habits, will attempt to nail your hands and feet (actions) to the cross, and place a crown of thorns on your head (stress)....our ego must die in order to resurrect the God within us, and carry the anointing, to be the Christ. ~The Key to Eden~ Aankh Benu
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