Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why do you believe in that? You are THAT! (Why I'm Giving You the Key pt. 3)

"We mustn't confuse mastery with mimicry, knowledge with superstitious ignorance."~ Ancient Kamitic Proverb~

"The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going." ~Proverbs 14:15~

I was listening to this pastor on youtube the other day. You know every now and then I need a good (often actually). So this particular day I was in the mood of some Reverend humor. Well I came across a video of a preacher talking about how people in this new day and time like to perceive, and approach religion and the Bible. He said that "people today want to approach the word of God (the Bible) in the same manner that they would approach their academics, or science." He then went on to talk of "universal truth," and I thought to myself "man this is gonna be good :-)." He went on to say how people want to believe what they want to believe, and how they want to believe, and how they say that "everyone has their own truth, and how your truth may not be my truth." Well to get to his point, he wrapped it up by stating that people make a mistake in dealing with the word of God academically and scientifically, for both science and the academia have been proven wrong time and time again, citing how people once thought the world was flat, or that the sun revolved around the earth etc. However, he said, there is but one truth, a universal truth, and the Biiiiiiibaaaal huhuha (in my huckster preacher voice), is that one truth! I thought to myself, "has anyone ever noticed how arrogantly absurd these guys are?"

Why doesn't he want you to deal with that book, and what he is teaching in a logical, rational, academic, and scientific manner? If God created man, then he also created man's brain, which is meant for thinking, for reasoning. So if man's mind was fashioned by Divine Design, why in the hell do pastors discourage the use of it? Isn't the Bible considered a book? Like any book, doesn't it fall into a time, language, and culture of origin, all of which played a significant role in molding it? Shouldn't we study the history of it, inquire into the authorship, and what's granted them the agency to write on the said subject matter?

No, they don't want you to research the Bible thoroughly. They hate when you ask questions. They know that if you dealt with the text academically and scientifically, you would come out with an exegesis that would never allow you to accept what they are teaching. The minute you begin to study the Bible objectively, you would realize that you've been had, hoodwinked, led astray, run a muck...sorry I had a flash back.

Why? Because science, true academics, true knowledge, requires you to validate the information being presented with your experience! Critical to acquiring knowledge of any kind, is your direct observation. The acceptance of any words, information, theories, etc, without your direct experience/observation, can never be seriously considered knowing. Simply put, as our Ancestors would say, "to know truth, you must live it." So he discourages critical thinking because it would lead you to also think critically about him in the process, and he can't afford for that to happen, literally, he can't afford it! This is not to just pick on the preacher, but the imam, the rabbi, the priest, and any other charlatan, trying to get you the drink the kool-aid without telling you the ingredients of it. If they don't want you to think, run the hell away as fast as you can.

When we were young, many of us believed in Santa Clause. Some big man that lived up north, traveled through the sky, knows who's been naughty or nice, kept a list of our deeds, rewarded those that were good, and was able to be everywhere all in one night! I hear you thinking, "how naive I was to believe in that." Can you hear me thinking? If you could, you would hear me saying "how naive of you to think that u don't anymore." Sad sad sad.

When dealing with science, the key to acquiring knowledge is experience/experimentation. In the experiment you have a theory/hypothesis, a constant/control, and a variable. If you were to step back away from your emotions for a minute, you would realiize that what man says and writes about God (theory), what man believes about God (hypothesis), the name and language man uses to refer to God (nomenclature), may vary (variable), they will constantly change, but there is one universal constant/control in the situation, and that is Man!

That's right, the name and idea will always change, but it will always come out of the mouth and mind of a man (male and female). Why? Because man is the attempt at the Eternal, Infinite, Creative Intelligence's never ending quest to find the bounds of its boundlessness. That's why you are here. You give the INFINITE definition. In fact, the Bible says that man is the Image, and Temple of God. You are the Man-I-festation of the Divine. That's why I ask you "why do you believe in that, you are THAT!"

The Bible says that the Kingdom of God/Heaven is within you. So why are you looking up; why are you waiting to die? The Bible says that "Yea are gods, and all of you are children of the most high." So why do you believe that you are just filthy rags (that is blasphemous!)? You are more than you could ever know, literally. You are powerful beyond measure, and wiser beyond comprehension! Remember this, all experience comes through you in order to be validated, to be known.

So why am I giving you the Key? Because you've forgotten who you are. The book says man "fell"(so Well he must hit his head in the process cause he's got amnesia. You've forgotten the I AM...think about it. I'm giving you the key because that book is locked to the "good" reverend. Its time to eradicate the middle man. Liberate Self!

To Be Continued....

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