Monday, August 1, 2011

Why I'm Giving You the Key (pt.1)

...because they won't. If they have it, they won't give it to u, and if they don't have it they can't. Either way, the lion has been pacing back and forth in its cage too long. Lazarus has been dead for too long. So, since the conquering lion hasn't broken the chains yet, I figured I would give him the key.

"...Within this book is a key to unlock the spiritual and psychological chains, and opens the way to a greater understanding of the scriptures, ourselves, and our direct connection with the Ultimate Reality we call God." What in the hell is Benu getting at?" Well, I'm giving u The Key to Eden. It is the Key to your Divinity. It unlocks the spiritual wisdom and power housed within you. It opens the door to the experience of greater joy and bliss in your life. It opens the door to your tomb, so u can resurrect. However, before I could roll the stone away, I had to erradicate the guard that stood post. That's right..the good Reverend.

"Why Rob? I thought you were through with the church." That's right, I was. I was through and off in my own universe, reconnecting with my roots. I'm not gonna lie..I quit for a But I didn't forget. Let me share something with you..a little of my life, my story.

I grew up in the church. "No really." Hush I'm talking! My family was one of those real churchy ones..I mean REAL churchy. It seemed everyone in this tribe is a preacher, including moms. So since moms was a pastor, you know I was in that joint Sunday through Sunday, every class, every rehearsal, every know what I mean? Of course when I was younger I enjoyed it. I was a musician, a pianist/organist. It was cool, I loved playing music. However, there was one thing that I peeped, from the start that I did not love..hyprocricy. Did Somebody Say Scandal?

My mother got into the game right at the time when Lady preachers were finally being tolerated, long before it got "hot." I watched how some people wouldn't allow her to speak from the pulpit. I watched how they refused to address and acknowledge her as an Elder. I observed how her fellow Sister Ministers, became jealous of her as she climbed the ranks. I guess things got real for me once they started trying to KILL US! That's what I said!

Every week someone would stab our tires, or remove the lugnuts from our car. "Stop lying Benu! Come on man these are church folk not the Mob." Yea whatever u Interesting thing though, I saw my mother get stronger every time. With every infraction, she became more and more determined to succeed. She's a warrior...that's where I get it from, so when u see the flame in my eyes you know that's Cathryn's boy.

My mother was/is very gifted. I admired the gift she had of speaking and writing from an early age. This was one of the main reasons for her success as a minister. As time went by however, I would see her energy begin to decline, her passion began to wane, and soon it became a job, and every artist knows that its difficult to do what u love, write etc..when it becomes a job. She was dedicated, and so was our family, and had no problem sacrificing hard earned money for the church. So we went to every conference, and we spent our own money to do so... several thousands annually.

Anyway, I myself wasn't very interest outside of the music. I read the book for myself, and what I read and what was said did not gel. Besides that what was read and what I saw did not add up..if you've been there before u know what I'm talking about. Anyway, my favorite book was always Revelations ( I was into Metaphysics from Jumpstreet homie :-) ) It didn't click with me. I knew they were lying so it wasn't long before I started leaving before the sermon would start. I'd go sit in the back and take a nap or

When I left home for college I came into my own. I was introduced to some "new" old information. Many of the things I perceived growing up were confirmed, and of course my initial reaction was rage! I was pissed off. I felt betrayed. I had been lied to all these years, and I was mad. This would ultimately lead to a painful disconnect between my person and my family.

Trips home from school would become more and more akward, relationships would become more and more estranged. "You don't believe in what!?!" "You changed your name to what!?!" "You don't eat what!?!"..."you joined who!?!" "You lost your mind!?!"..."you're brainwashed!?!" It would take a few years before "Damn what's wrong with Rob?" Would become "Well, that's just Rob." With my own personal growth and refinement, the connection to my family would soon re-establish harmony. The problem was, they didn't understand where I was coming from, because I wasn't speaking their language. Yes I was speaking English, but with a strong Ancient African Kemet this and Kemet that, Heru this, Ausar that, Black folk this, and white folk that, The Bible came from this, and this came from that..etc and so on. I might as well had been speaking Charlie Brown (whaa whaa whaa whaa!) So in order to open the lines of communication, and thus open the way to harmony, I had to speak they're language.
So after all those years, and all the things I learned, I picked back up my Bible, to translate my life, my experience, to re-establish the strong bond with my folks. They understood me, they got me, they even felt me, ya heard me? So I was good they were doing their thing, and I was doing mine, and everything was peace.

Some years would go by, and I grew in understanding and compassion for people in general, and would no longer be angry. I was fine with the church, because I recognized that people grow at their own pace. I understood that we are all on our own personal journey, and are all evolving, each at their own rate of speed, and in their own way. So for the moment "Rev." got a pass. But then something happened. THEY MESSED WITH MY MAMA!

To Be Continued...
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