Sunday, January 27, 2013

"We Are Stardust"- Ra and Astrophysics


"We can trace the elements. They were forged in the center of stars, high mass stars that went unstable at the end of their lives, they exploded, scattered their enriched contents across the galaxy, sprinkled into gas clouds that then collapsed and formed stars and planets, and life...I know that the molecules in my body are traceable to phenomenon in the cosmos. (paraphrasing) The iron in a fifteen ton meteorite that we have and the iron in our blood has common origins in the center of a star...It is quite literally true that we are stardust, in the highest exalted way one can use that phrase...It is not simple to that we're in the universe, but in fact, given the chemistry of it all, and the nuclear physics of it all, not only are we in the universe, the universe is in us." ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson- World Renown Astrophysicist~

Birth of a Star

The Yiten (Aten) Ra's "Eye" (please see my previous post What a God looks like, What a God is capable of)


So I was checking out this video on youtube, of the illustrious Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson when I began to hear him saying some things that sounded really familiar to me..I mean really familiar. Well he was speaking about our kinship with the cosmos and the origins of elements and molecules that went on to bring life into being. I began to think to myself, "man if this isn't Kamitic spirituality, I don't know what it is!" I got really excited because here was this brother, a world famous scientist, bearing witness to what our Ancestors taught countless millenniums ago. In fact in the video, he is actually talking about how "spiritual" this knowledge about our relationship to the cosmos is to him. Very interesting!

Well the familiarity for me, comes from the the Ancient Kamitic Neter, Ra, and the symbolism and cosmologies that pertain to him. In fact based upon what our Ancestors wrote in regards to Ra, I come to find that there is a very striking and profound resemblance to what Astrophysicists are just finding out and expounding upon today. In fact, everything from the Origins of Ra, the evolution of Ra, the aging of Ra and the "Death" of Ra, I have come to find, is very similar in the description of the life cycle of a star by Astrophysicists. Let's talk about it a little bit :-).


According to the Book of Knowing the Evolutions of Ra, and the Overthrowing of Opep, it is said that Ra's Origins are in "Nu/Nun." It is said that Ra rose from Nu. Now  Nu/Nun, is the Ancient Kamitic conceptualization of the Universe that preceded creation. The term/name, actually means "Abyss/Chaos (Nu), and The Inert One or the One who Rests (Nun). This speaks to the Universe in its beginning, in an undifferentiated, indefinite state, that preceded time and space as we know it. Another meaning for Nu is "Watery One," and refers to the "Primordial Waters of Chaos," an infinite ocean of formless matter, a No-Thingness, that all life eventually sprang from (after the "Big Bang"). Funny wife and I were actually watching a documentary by Stephen Hawking on the "origins of everything" last week and he actually said this exact thing, that this chaos was the original state prior to creation, and that there was no Up, down, left, or right, more or less, however, there was always the "Inner" (Very Interesting!). Anyway, according to the tradition of Ancient Kamit, Ra came into being by Rising out of Nu, by way of a Creative Utterance, Sound, or "The Word." Anyway, from this sound Ra "moved," he "rose," leaving from a state of "Inertia," to an active state (What's the first law of Physics again?). Anyway, after Ra's coming into Being, He first brought forth from his being Shu, which has been conceptualized as "Air." I find this similar to the Idea of the Gaseous state that physicsit say followed the Big Bang. Anyway, after Shu, Ra spat out Tefenut, who has been conceptualized as "water or moisture." To me this resembles the cooling down process that preceded the formation of the elements that would further go on to create the physical universe as we know it..The Heavens, the Earths etc...just as it is said that After Shu and Tefenut came Nut and Geb, which have been conceptualized as Heaven and Earth! Very Very Interesting Yes?

Well, this work says that All of these things are the Transformations or Evolutions of Ra, and it goes on to speak to Ra coming forward as the plant and animal life, bringing forward the "forces of nature" (Neteru) and eventually Man (Male and Female) as well! Now the big question is, "Why is this important?" Well when we study Ra, we find that his Chief symbol is the Yiten or Sun, which of course we all know is a star. Now for us Ra is not simply the Yiten, or Sun, but the essence of what the Sun is a source of, and that is Energy, light, and Life. In fact the Yiten, or Sun upon Ra's head which is normally adorned with a Serpent (the Netert Arat, or Rait) is actually a symbol of Ra's daughter in some instances, and consort in others, the Netert Het-Heru (Arat/Rait is a form of Het-Heru)...for more on that please see my previous post "What a God looks like, What a God is Capable of." Het- Heru is the Medium through which Ra brings creation into Being...coming forth AS its own Creation.

.Well, according to scientist Stars go through life cycles. A Star is born, Matures, Ages, and "Dies." At its death it becomes unstable and becomes what is known as a Supernova. This Supernova is so unstable that it eventually explodes, sending forth all of the substance that makes it up out to ultimately produce new life in the universe. All of the elements that existed in that star then travels through the galaxy, becomes gas, and ultimately goes forward to produce new stars, and also planets, and in some cases even Black Holes. Interesting to note, scientist are learning how Black Holes actually go on to help produce new stars!     Everything that can be in the earth, and in you and I can be found in and has its origins in a Star..Remarkable!


In the Kamitic Cosmologies, Ra goes through a similar cycle. When he is born he is "Khepera." In this stage he is growing, evolving, transforming. As he grows in maturity he and reaches his "peak" he is Ra. As he gets old, or becomes aged, he begins to decline or "set," he is Atum or Atem. Then he "Dies" and enters into the "Beautiful West" also known as the Duat, or Amenta as "Af". Here Ra begins to "travel" through this realm, encountering various forces and beings, which assist him in his journey. He ultimately gains new strength and builds up momentum which is signified by the fact that initially he is being dragged or pulled through the Duat, and once he's halfway through (the 6th gate/field/hour) he begins to travel by his own power and is no longer being dragged along. He continues forward, ultimately to be born or rise again in the "East." as Khepera once again, coming into being and evolving as its own creation once again.

2nd hour of the Duat depicting Ra in the form of Af (dead, literally "flesh") traveling.


 Now while there is tremendous spiritual and metaphysical significance to all of this, I think it also speaks volumes to the physical nature and origins of life and the universe, goes on to show just how many "light years" ahead our Afrikan Ancestors actually were. Now we can better understand why  they Taught about Ra, and why the enlightened person eventually went on to become a Yakhu, "light being" or Star after "death." We can now better understand why the Dogon say "We come from that Star!" We can now better grasp, why the Bantu or Twa people whose history goes back over 400,000 years, still to this very day paint the stars on their faces. This is the greatness that we as Afrikan people, no matter where we may be in the world, this is where we come from and this same potential exist within us. In fact, the universally accepted knowledge that we are the Original Indigenous People to the earth, and that all life comes from us, resonates to our kinship with the Universe, and could testament to the fact that as Ra went through It's Evolution, the very first Person that he came into being as was an Afrikan, as Dark as the universe itself!  Now that makes me feel real good and spiritual :-).

Well after all this I start to think, "maybe I should be an Astro or Quantum Physicists"... Nah I think I'll stick with my Shepsu (Ancestors)  While "we are star dust" is a good start for those guys, they've got some ways to go. Let's see if they will solve what they refer to as the "Problem of Consciousness" (They have no clue as to the nature or origin of Consciousness). While they contemplate that, I'll focus on Ausar, who is said to be The Ba (soul/essence) of it is said "Ra rests in Ausar, and Ausar rests in Ra..they are One! Tua Neter, Tua Shepsu for this profound wisdom you laid down!

Its time that we reclaim our heritage..for it is very, very rich.